Fine Art Painting

What is mixed media fine art painting?

Hand rendered, mixed media artwork is done by using a Wacom Tablet and a Wacom Art Pen. Within Photoshop and using brushes and paint (very much like traditional painting techniques), I am able to create a one of a kind piece of art from any image you provide. Each stroke is carefully thought out to enhance the beauty and bring the focus to your subjects(s).

Texas Long Horn mixed media art
Blonde girl holding kitten hand rendered photoshop fine art painting
Black puppy on purple velvet chair with flower digitally painted
Digital painting of kitten in green Easter basket with flower handle
Digital painting of red head boy with freckles
Digitally painted black and white tuxedo Maine coon cat on blue chair
fine art digital painting pet portrait samoyed dog running
Digitally Painted short haired black and white kitten